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Bunnykill 2

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Frontpage! Thanks Newgrounds! I noticed that the picture of the movie suddenly changed and I was like... wtf? I mean... I didnt change it. But after few seconds I realized why it had happened. Frontpage. And I understand why you guys changed the picture. I screwed up something while submitting and it looked like crap. Its a lot better now. thanks!

Bunnykill is back! This time I'm submitting alone, because my co-author, Maza, grew bored of the fan-mail he was getting and I'd like to point out that, although he was vital to make this submission happen, I'm the one behind all the hard work.
Anyway, the story is totally different from the first one, and even though some of the characters are the same, the roles they played before have nothing to do with this story. The story's crap anyway. Action is all that matters. Enjoy!
(translated by DreenMajel)

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This is my favorite character, now.

Snowball is a ninja killer!

This one is definitely better than the first one. This one had more of a plot, the action had more suspense, and the animation is better than the first one. With that being said, here are my gripes for this one. It seems like the bad guys give Snowball a bit of an easy ride at times, and they don't give him their all. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Very close behind 3 vol 2 for me despite the much shorter length which speaks for how damn well the action flows in this one and watching these again made me realise how much stronger this series started out compared to Madness (not to say Madness had an awful start so much as that series took some time to find its identity).

OG John Wick