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Jet Force Gemini : LS

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Hey guys. Finally this movie is done! I must've spent around 60 hours on this thing and its been in production for a good two months. But, I love the end result.

The movie is set in the Jet Force Gemini universe, 78 years after the fall of Mizar. The Jet Force Team has reassambled somewhat and are beginning to go back to their normal plan of action. Sledge, a new Jet Force trooper, has been assigned to infiltrate a cargo ship that has been reported for suspicious activity over the last several weeks. On his own, Sledge is expected to find whats goin down and has the license to kill if necessary.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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i played this game once when i had super bad sunburn like pus filled blisters sunburn on the coutch for 3 dayz not moving at all playing this so yea


The only thing bad about this is the animation and sledge's abnormal body size. Anyone who blams this needs to be blammed themselves, and I seriously think Jet Force Gemini could use a sequel and more respect. Don't you guys agree? Jet Force Gemini was a game that I couldn't beat within 3 hours, unlike most games now.


Oddly enough, this is like the only JFG movie on Newgrounds. Definitely needs more love....

Any plans on continuing?

Ah, Jet force gemini...

I remember that game, if vaguely. Mainly because of the various Cameos in Banjo twooie.
Don't care for this movie though.


The story line is like deja vu... the goldwood part at least.

Nice character and environment detail.