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The World of Abbreviation

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I hate when people use abbreviations in conversation. "i'm sorry are you late for something?" So, the first cartoon i posted on new grounds, a commercial parody, was only 'bout 40 seconds, the length of a comercial. and some of you were all, "it's to short, wahhhhhhhh! my vagina hurts." Then earlier today i posted a freelance flash project i created, also brief, and you woulda thought i drew a hitler mustache on the baby jesus (in flash). Well "The Superlative World of Abbreviations" is three and a half minutes so STOP YOUR YAPPIN', and enjoy.

Frank IS an abbreviation for Franklin. Francis too for that matter (Black Francis). But the name Frank has NO abbreviation. It's already abbreviated!

the song at the end is by a great band outta san francisco, The Aislers set. Friends of mine. 'fraid they've broken up though. http://www.aislersset.co

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Well made, but I don't endorse bad attitudes.

Ehhhh I think the joke dragged on for a bit too long.




This flash was ok. Comedic timing was good, artwork was nice, voice overs were spectacular, and the characters were funny. But... this movie as a whole was not that funny. Just my opinion so don't get mad. I just thought it could have had a lot funnier dialogue and more cut scenes. This flash is decent though and I, of course, give you props for doing something I probably will never be able to do. Anyway, Bye. :-)

Poor abbreviation bunny

Great work indeed, lovely animation and characters... but poor Frank