Who killed the Don?

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I created this for my flash assignment for college. some of the characters you might have seen before from Batman animations on TV cause i copy them cause i couldnt think of any ideas for characters.

This animation is also a tribute to all my favourite gangsters films like Scarface, Godfather and Goodfellas



what all of this game meaning.

0.25: Worthless

You traced the charactors of that Batman animated TV show from the 1990's. Ever heard of the board game 'Clue?' This flash does not deserve to be called much more than a trace.

it was ok

this game was ok but it could have been better

Um, did you use 12 FPS lol?

That was really choppy like the guy said before me. It was alright but you should of been able to go in other rooms and search for clues and more suspects! It' alright so u get a 4 =)

choppy and basic... but was worth watching once

i liked how you have options to pick from as to who you assume did the murder of del leon (i picked the right guy the 1st time.. hooray). the spelling was off at certain places, and the whole thing looked basic at best. still, it wasn't a waste of time. would i watch it again? no... but i don't regret the first time. stay at it.. you have potential

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2.15 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
7:29 PM EST
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