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I teamed up with a great band called Article nineteen to make this video. The gave me the music for this piece on teen suicide. Its a very serious movie.
A lot of effort went into this so post me what you think ;)




Lmao. I think the only good part about this was the fact that they all die in the end... and don't bitch about me ruining the ending for anyone who might want to see this, because I just saved them from wasting a minute and a half of their life. Try again.



this migth be a wile after the last revie but i agree with the last comment if ur trying to reach parents... DONT PUT IT ON NEWGROUNDS!!! thats all i have to say

Over used topic; Get Original

Promotion of teen suicide? Awareness?!
You have to be shitting m. As if teen suicide need MORE awareness.
Beside the the fact that COUNTLESS bad, over-done emo songs killing yourself, and maybe a few actually heartfelt ones, are plastered where ever you can find teens, the world pretty much grinds to a screaching halt when some kid actually goes through with it. School flags go half mast for a kid in the next city over.

And if your trying to reach parents you are in the WORNG FORUM. I feel sad for the poor lost parent that stumbles here. Why are we promoting awarness for an overdone issue? How about a relevant issue?

Do something original for christsake.

cool one

a little bit short, but it was a pretty cool animation. i liked this drawings in this one, they were really good. the plot behind this one was pretty good too.

very real...

You've outlined one of the problems of society. but one thing you got wrong is that it aint just adults and parents pressuring kids. It can be teenagers and other kids too. But apart from that its awsome. you should be proud

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3.58 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
4:30 PM EST
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