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Motorcycles can build new muscles if you try hard enough.

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amusing with a twist

Hmm ok well first off you may want to ad some sorta stop action code so it doesnt just start off, the user may want to view the menu page or even may have not been at the computer and waiting for it to load, a stop-action code, would stop it from starting now you probably want to make a nice play button to go along with that though, just a thought though, i did notice you did have a "REPLAY" button though and that was a good touch, but anyways onto your flash here, Lol ok i will admit it was some funny stuff, you made a funny flash in just aboyt two scenes not bad, but would have been nice to see more scenes, as for the joke lol it was funny, the "VOICES" were ok, but also had abit of scratchy sounds, and muffled at times, so maybe next time you could have better quality voices and or even have some "SUBTITLES" just a thought or two for better improvment, anyways good luck.

So there could be a number of things to make this better i would start off with some Subtitles, and even some better voices or less scratchy ones, also some stop action code so it doesnt just start off, adding a "PLAY" button at the start would be a nice improvment aswell.

a funny short with a sick twist, i thought it was pretty well done though, made me laugh.



nice drawings, the animation was pretty poor though, what with the color quality of the dudes legs changing as he walks. the visual was pointless and really just strange, overall the animation made no real sense, although, the gag was a little funny,m it just didn't cut it.

Erm right?

That wasn't funny at all, it was just stupid, a guy jacking off over a picture of a motorbike was the main thing in this movie, I didn't find it funny at all, just stupid and a completely pointless flash movie.

Good ol' jakcing off movie...

heheh jsut cant get enuff of em.. it would be much better if it was a hot chick tho... everyone woudld love to see it.. Plus awesome GF.. with your drawings.. you could make a HOT PORN MOVIE !!! :)

i had to

I really think that spamer was very enesasary. Its just not nice to put that manythings on a page. And i reather enjoyed this.

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3.65 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2000
12:39 PM EDT