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This is a quick test of my movie, this is 2 days of progress and I just want some feedback before I continue on the project. Thanks.



this is a good progress but it will be better it is finished i hope. r u going to make a matrix parody or r u going to make somthin different?

Matrix parody...sigh.

You look like your doing well on being able to mimic the first matrix movie, but I don't think too many ppl want to see that scene again when they saw it the first time years ago. Your efforts may be in vane if you continue on this particular project.

If you still insist on doing a matrix type movie, you should try to incorporate "The Matrix Online" to your theme. It's an MMO game. It's like the matrix movies, but should be better than the matrix video game that came out a few years ago. You should look it up, do a little research on the beta version, since that is the current matrix came that they have out right now.

I hope you don't take my words like I am attacking your two days of work, but that you use this as a spring board to find a more up-to-date project to work on.

not bad

a bit short, but i understood it was just a test, i think it was a good test.

It's amazing even with tracing.

I liked it alot. Try putting sound in next time.


Wow, its amazing how good some ppl trace matrix scenes but ah! that isnt it, but only a 20 second tracing sent to newgrounds for other ppl to see your so called animation in progress. Couldnt u just send to your friend and ask how he likes it? 1/5

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2.38 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2005
6:04 PM EST
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