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Bush's Biggest Mistake

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Well, this was an idea that a friend gave me. So i decided to use it. I hope you enjoy it


Not bad for a cheap laugh

Like the last reviewer said, don't pay too much attention to the negative reviews left by the bloodthirsty newgrounds communers. If a majority of them ever made a single flash it would be you who'll get the laugh out of it. Although I don't see absolutely anything wrong for a female to eat pussy ;)

Hey it was pretty funny

Alright lets face it your animation was not very good at all, but it was still really funny. The music was a nice touch too. But dude the animation needs a lot of work. I like your ideas, but if you do happen to make another flash you need to spend more time on the animation. If you attatch peoples mouths to their heads, added shading, and made their movements more fluent you could make a really good flash. Don't let those negative reviews discourage you, you should keep trying.

And to all those people who did review this in an uncivilized manner, your all assholes and most likely homosexual, so go eat a dick... or pussy if your a girl.


please put a preloader on this. But otherwise not bad animation and sound could do with work but the concept was good. and was quite funny.


nice very nice i almost wanted to wach it again work on the animation a bit and you will do well

Very funny

I loved that bit when you started talking about how we should go kill some muslim children, pure genius

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1.81 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
9:07 PM EST
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