Kill Saddam Hussein

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I think the bastard needs to stop breathing...


Fun game, needs more

Now here is an older flash from way back when but still has some good quality to it, such as the "CODING" of the game, but i must say it did lack in more levels and such, as you did only have the three options of death unless i missed something, but still for the mostpart it was a good and simple game and made in a time of the sadam era which was amusing aswell, the effects were pretty good, and would have been nice as stated before to have more death options, or even have the game go into new scenes for new levels and ofcourse new death stuf, just a few ideas that would greatly improve on this, you did have something good here and its nobad at all even for today, so really awsome job here, i had lots of fun with this one. but anyways good luck on any new stuff you may make.

well i did explain above on a few ideas on how to improve onto this, like, more "LEVELS" more "DEATH-OPTIONS" and so on, hope it helps for any improving on this nifty little game.

a fun game, it lacks more effort thouogh, i still had fun with it.


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it is made in 2000 they had lower standards then so i give you a 9
but maybe you could have added a few more lvls

its been almost a decade so its a piece of NG history

This game is kinda wierd but cool.

Shouldn't it be a pick a way you want to kill saddam? but this game rocks hard! you control saddam so he can kill himself!


Nice amount of options, but the screen should have been bigger overall, and the drawing and animation could have been better, but they were still kinda funny, funny when you think about it though, because just a few short years after you made this, he was executed.

It needs an update.

One with a rope. Other than that, this game isn't very good. The sounds are annoying, and the animation isn't very good.

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2.55 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2000
3:30 AM EDT