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Postal: Real Edition

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This is not an RWS product, nor is it related to the game POSTAL by RWS, Inc.

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You know, it's arguable that this remake lost the soul of what was once a truly great game. Yeah, it's pretty undeniable that the graphics are improved but I think that comes at a cost of the aesthetics. Maybe just a bit too real? I don't know, but there definitely isn't enough style. The main protagonist, Aaron Premo, lost his unique 'Anime' styled hair for a darker, flatter, but also more realistic look. Great graphics do not come from realism, that is the main lesson here.

The gameplay remains mostly unchanged, though. That's a positive to be sure. Although, the dialogue is a bit worse than what it used to be. In particular, when you shoot the drugged up hippie, his voice cuts off before he's finished his dialogue! Whereas in the original, the dialogue is all there. Think of what people are missing out on!

All in all, a technically sound remake, but it's just missing something. I'd recommend anyone to just stick with the original.

Not much different than the other version just some of the art style on the characters and the word continue, which I find harder to read. Some of the character changes are for the better, others are worse and I think the color is better on the other game.

Near identical to the previous version of the game, with exception the graphics little improvement and the new protagonist.

I Love it amazing

Le OUCH!!!!!!!!