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Plan Delta ep 1

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Author Comments

*Update again* I fixed the bugs, so get off my back
*Update* I forgot something. IN the credits it says that one o fthe songs I used was called "the bad news" Well I actually changed that song to "The Trainman Cometh (Matrix Revolutions). Sorry bout that.
Sorry about the sound, the file sise was too big so I couldn't add sound. Anyway, the story takes place in 2300 A.D. when humankind has moved to other planets and created their own seperate governments on those planets. The main character is bored with life, but is then attacked and his life spins out of control. Enjoy, and please rate it fairly, this in only my second cartoon.


((( COOL )))

This was cool, i like the artwork on the backrounds and the character, nice flow of animation, and awsome view shots made it look like a real movie which was cool, it kept me interested from start to finish...


not bad

nice one. it looks like this 'Plan Delta' could become a good series, i hope the next episode is good too.

Gotzen-Dammerung responds:

The next episode will be really short for file size reasons, but the good news is that it will take much less time to do. I hope you enjoy it once it is finished.

Nice job!

You really got your message across nice job.


i for one dont care what anyone else says.....this has class compared to some of the shit that comes through here that ppl protect for no fucking reason......i liked it alot......i gave it a 5.....i would like to see it protected as i think it could easily become a very nice series......
NOW!.......on to things to improve:
1. the play button.....make it a font thats easily clickable and not some spaghetti noodle font thats had as shit to click much less roll over it to select...
2...yeeeeeeeah it needs some sound effects
3. voices as well.
other than that........awesome stuff man........cant wait to get the next episode!

Gotzen-Dammerung responds:

Yeah, I meant to do all those things, but after I added the songs I was afraid that the computer would blow up. Also my voice doesn't fit the part so I probably can't do voices yet, maybe next episode though. Sorry about that though, and I hope you continue to watch my series.

could've done better

well, the animation's decent, and i can forgive how the storyline seems kind of corny....., but damn, where are the sound effects? it's just seems off when a bunch of soldiers kick in a door and you don't hear anything.... if you can take a little time to put stuff like that in, (voices would be awesome) then it'd make the whole package seem much better...

Gotzen-Dammerung responds:

I hear you, and I will add sound effects in the future.

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Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2005
9:00 PM EST
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