Gov. Assassin - Episode 1

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This is a cartoon about a guy who is hired by the government to assassinate a terrorist. Watch and find out what happens...

*NOTE* This is one of my first cartoons and is not a representation of some of my latest work.

Also - There are Government Assassin 2 & 3 to watch.

GA4 is on the way out soon too! - ALOT Better than this crap.


Oh Great! I stepped on crap again...

crap... crap... and did I mention crap?!
it is soooo lame... the graphics were so ugly...
but there are some parts that i liked... like the matrix part! BUT IT DIDNT MAKE THAT MUCH SENSE EITHER!!!

kill me

can i get those three minutes of my life back

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It's okay because it's Dom

I know this is your first one so I wont critisize at all. I like it because you made to be honest. There are some good ideas in there though, that's why I gave you higher for style.

((( SIMPLE )))

Heh well alot like madness, it was ok gave me a chuckle here and there, the backround city was a nice touch and made it for a better flash, nice work, i hope to see more soon...


I really liked this flash!

The music was awesome and I really liked the style. I can't wait to watch episode 2. I really liked this Flash! So keep it up.

Broomvideos responds:

thanks d)''d)

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3.29 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2005
6:20 AM EST
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