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Newgrounds Tetris Project

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Author Comments

As you know this is my first submission to Newgrounds. Well kind of. the concept is to update the game regularly and incorporate New features. (and sharpen my flash skills)

The goal of my project is to make the most unique Tetris Clone.
So watch it change.

02/17/2005: First upload.
10/3/2009: I finally got around to uploading this, It was from 2008 or something. It is a half-assed update. I will fix the abundant (Yet known) bugs sometime this month.

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why isn't it finished

Eric-McTrainshit responds:

Actually An update Is coming soon!!

Improvements needed

This needs to have more connection to Newgrounds besides the background image(which needs to be better). I disliked that there wasn't any music in the game while there was in the instructions(which could have more detail and didn't match the real controls) and main menu. It could also use sound effects or something else unique to stand out from other Tetris clones. The things I liked in this game are the blocks and the play/help buttons.

Eric-McTrainshit responds:

Damn, you reviewed such an old project. That was from my n00b dayz.

its okay but...

where did the music go during the actual game? It should definately have some.


needs more stuff, oh, and the blocks turn the wrong way
and arnt they ment to start falling from the middle

Eric-McTrainshit responds:

Hey, It's my game! I make the rules, you must follow them. Like it or not.

(But I can't stop you from complaining. In fact, I weighed the review positive b/c there was some constructive criticism involved in this smelly review.)

All I can do is laugh at this piece of crap.

this kinda made me depressed.

Eric-McTrainshit responds:

This review kinda made me depressed.

Edit: Yeah, me too. Everyone Vote Zero!!!