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Author Comments

DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE : itunes.com/koit/touchingt hewinky

Another Koit song driven animation. Penguins are great. FACT.

Other animations available at www.highasakoit.co.uk

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Why the low ratings? I thought this was one of the best of these songs you've ever made! It's interesting to see how old this is, for you I guess. The animation does seem similar. I was thinking the same thing about polar bears and penguins. That's common knowledge now, I guess.

Yes, that's called an artistic license. I know all of the tropes involved with that. What continent is the North Pole on? North America or Europe or Asia? Penguins are the North Pole, remember?

qeustion and answer qeustion:what did you watch as a kid

koit responds:

Answer : lots of things. Way too many to list.

It was good but...

Good,but why is it rated "Teen" I mean really,I'm 10 and I dont really think its should be rated "Teen".I have seen way worse than a polar bear eating a poor little ol' penguin.The fil is great but, im just curious why is it rated that? Just want to know. Thanks! ;)

catchy tune, nice animation :)

@ PenguinSam they do have wings, they adapted from whatever thgey were before. Instead of flight in air, they serve similar function as wings for underwater "flight"

ALL birds have wings. Even if they never use them to fly. (Ostrich, Dodo, kiwi, etc.)

The End. Moo.

koit responds:

They do indeed.

If you like this, go and watch my extended version with bonus and deleted scenes !

Tee Hee!

My only real complaint is that penguins don't have wings, their flippers!!!!

Other than that, it was pretty great, and how did the polar bears get the right to be down there again?