L1F3 Shorts ep.8

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Well that was another awesome episode. The graphics i noticed were alittle more simple around the edges but the overall effect was still there. The voice acting was as good as usualy and the idea of basing this around a time machine was nicely though of. Overall another pleasing episode.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


In this episode, the guys happen to have a spare time machine and discuss how they would like to use it. Dang you ever reappearing Michael Jackson - always ruining things for the guys. What a funny idea in having a flashback of when the kids get the time machine. Was that meant to be the first time they see it? It is always nice when we get a rehash of some previous characters, such as the characters from the previous episode with HALO-esque characters. It is a fun idea, and with each preceding episode, you continue to improve a great deal. A little more work on the audio and artwork and you will have a really good episode.


Great again

Like I said, always makes me laugh... this wasn't one of the best (my fave is L1F3 shorts ep.1 hehe) but it still was excellent. I like the Halo characters, from the last episode lol. Also, you've carriedt he tradition on of having MJ in EVERY episode exceot the halo SE... You should have out MJ as a soldier now I think about it... oh anyways, the only thing you could improve on is the hands, they have trotters lol!!! Still awesome.

DEADSiM2, aka the action script god. Or just god, either will do.

((( COOL )))

Haha this was cool, and nice characters, i like how you animated the limbs but could have some improvements, still nice job and great humor, dont think i have seen much of thease but i liked what i saw today...


lololol. whacky!

ibeechu, you really need to get a bit faster with the dialogue i think, it was a little tedious for me towards the end. but all in all it was pretty nice. the voice quality was low and muffled, but the grahpics and animation were funny.
and dag-nab it, that Jacko bit was great! nice work dudes!

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3.68 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2005
5:39 PM EST
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