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SkyFly V 1.0

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for the people coming from my site soz about this but... games dont work on external loading system

hello people well this is my first game worthey of submition.. any way you control your guy with the mouse and the aim is to doge as many mines as posible.

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^^Good Points^^
I thought the music was pretty cool. The graphics really weren't all that bad either, you had some good drawings.

^^Needs Improving^^
The interactivity just kills the game. The major reason is that you have absolutely no time to react to the bombs. Most of the explode before you even have a chance to react at all. Detection is very generous for the bombs, which makes things even harder. Overall just frustrating.

Needs work

It was a pretty boring game... Another problem was that by the time you saw the bomb it had already exploded! Anyway, I would like to see some more work from you


hey will its daniel here, well that was a boring game, i kept my man in the top left corner of the screen and i was still getting hit by mines that flew into the bottom right of the screen, somethings buggered up there. well thats about all, keep practising


Boring. Boring. Boring. That's about all I can remark on. There aren't even any crappy things to poke fun at. It's just.... bland.

nothing special

not great, but a nice little pass time