MC2: No plot still...

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It's short, but it's something to laugh at for 50 seconds.

If you have any questions or comments, please post em on my forum,


cool keep workin harder


Masso responds:


Funny as Hell! This is da bomb! Keep it up!

Funny as Hell! This is da bomb! Keep it up!

ok i guess

well hmm this is rather short and sounds is hard to understand..hmmm maybe 7

Nicely done, most amusing

This was very well done, it was a great laugh for me, a tad short, but in the end, overall it was very well done!

Your graphics, were reasonable, they were planned out, and toned up very nicely! You put forth quite some effort on this, as it looks, much time and consideration was put into the graphics and such. It has paid off...

The style, is the usual humerous type, but you had a little bit of a twist which is always nice!

The sound, was reasonable, it was a little sketchy in the middle, I dont know what was up with that, but overall from beggining and throughout the end, it was nicely done, fit perfeclty in coordination with the flash.

Basically everything was very well done, you put forth quite some effort, and as it looks by the score, it has paid off....

I gave you a four out of five on the portal voting, which is what all should give you, and a nine out of ten on the overall reviewing, which I believe is what you earned! I will look forward to more flash by you in the near future!


Masso responds:

That's the longest review I got!
In the middle, it's supposed to be like a copy of David Firth's flash style. You know, as a joke.

I'm not sure what to say but thanks!
I hope you'll review some more of my submisions in the future.
I like reading these long reviews.
In fact, this is the only review I replied to.

Thanks again!


I could imagine a whole series without a plot. Well that's kinda imposible but... seems like a good idea. I like it i wanna see more

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3.23 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2005
7:24 AM EST
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