Sex in Church

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A confused young man finds love and terror at church.



Amusing, can be improved though.

LOL now i have to admit this was a pretty funny "COMIC-STYLE" Toon you had even liked how it was in the comic style, but before i get to that and the rest of it, i think the "BUTTONS" you have here should be better presented, they are better then most with the hover over color change but you still need to give it somewhat of a design with putting atleast a "PLAY" written on it somehow it would be nice, but anyways, as for the content of the flash it was funny and at times got to be abit much and thats something you actually may have to be concerned about for other people who may not like, but for me i found it somewhat funny, now as for the "ART" i think you could have done a better job say with the sticks you might get better results with more character designs and such, also some more use of color in the backround, there was a number of things, cant go into all of them but what i have suggested here and below are things that will really improve on this so give it some thought, so i found this to be amusing and somewhat funny, i did suggest a few fixes for its improvment but anyways good luck on your next entry.

A few things as suggested are backround color and scenes, not just the white bland ones, have the characters more animated like a movie and not so much as a comic style, also wouldnt hurt to have play written on the buttons, Make Characters not the stick kind, while this does take more time and effort but it will make your flash better and with more details for the characters like color, hair clothing some facial detail, it will improve on this and your characters, something to think about for this or your next film, for improvment. So try and work on a few of the suggestions.

Overall it was an amusing flash but still has lots of room for improving, good luck.



that was messed up


The drawings were baaaaad, and the animation was nonexistant, there was no sound of any kind, but in the end, your style of humor is pretty good, and the gag was amusing.


its was funny but still needs some stuff added to it like 1.need movement 2.needs voices its ok to use figuers but it be beeter if you didnt

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1.72 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2000
5:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original