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super mario dumbshine

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Well, long ago i made Imp.. after waiting for months on the voices, i decided to make osnic movie madness.. WHICH ALSO DELAYED BECAUSE OF VOICES , so i made beavis and butthead movies.. which now, ALSO delay because of voices.. so now im making a mario movie.. yay

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it was oretty and the ending music is from the anime DearS lmao

Pretty funny, your animating has really sped up in your more recent videos compared to this. I thought this movie seemed more like a Teen rated video instead of M. I'm aware Peach was naked, but since it was more like partial nudity and no parts were shown, I think this should have been Teen rated.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Heh, yeah you're right.
I'm just extra careful, some people can be very senstive.


I hadn't seen it in years, so I said "I'll watch Dumbshine again!" I didn't laugh as much as I remembered though.

mmmmm super mario dumbshine is ok with naked peach and all but i prefer super mario sunshine!