A message to the Fulps

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One solution to the ever growing advertising problem.


Those of you who suggested Firefox seem to be missing the underlying point. I mean, sure there're such things as radiation protection suits, but should Kim Jong Il (Leader of North Korea) be allowed to fire nukes around the world willy-nilly?

P.S. It's just a METAPHOR.
P.P.S. I will not accept accusations of stupidity from anyone who cannot spell or use grammar correctly. Those of you who can, feel free to cast the first stone.

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Damn right man, damn right...

I see your point!!!

The movie sucked, but I definately see your point. Everything on the site is free, so I guess you can't blam the Fulps. It's still a pain in the ass though. You can get a pop up blocker built into Internet Explorer or get the program POW to stop them as well.


No one likes pop ups. Especially these ones that NG has. I mean... win a Ipod for free, just hit the shark! And still when you do of course it isn't for free. Isn't that illegal? But, since NG is free... strong commersial is needed, I really doubt Fulp want the pop ups and enormous porn commersial screens on his site. But it pays

Fuck yeah

woooo lick my ass and suck my dong you nazi ng ass licking cock smoking tub girl watching gypsies! Get off my internet and take those pop ups with you!

Dr Pepper Lock

didn't even know...

there were any pop ups (i'm on mac)

but still you're right just because i don't see them doesn't mean they should exist

and yet i don't think TF just puts popups just for the fun of it( well Kim Jong Il would argue that he doesn't keep nuclear for fun,but i wouldn't beleive him)

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