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Space Thing 2025 V. 3

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Author Comments

If you played the other versions I hope you will like the changes
enemies fire now
dont get hit by boss fire its near insta-death =)
1000 points= miniboss
3000 points= boss


Wow! that was great!

Nice job! i liked the mouse addition! It was fun and challenging! I couldnt stop playin! U are added to one of my fav authors

Underworlder responds:

woot! thanks so much!

a classic space shooter

nice work , i think the thing you move your ship with the mouse is better than the keyboard (more precise i think )
keep it up

Underworlder responds:

i think the mouse is the best part

i have fun...

I know you're up to different versions. But this seems that there's nothing changed at all (To be honest)!...

Underworlder responds:

what about enemy fire?!


You keep putting up this "game" way before it is anywhere near complition. At least now enemies fire, but they still just fire in a straight line. Have you ever even played any good vertical shooters? And if you keep insisting on putting it up, just update the old entires with new code. There is no need to create a new entry untill the game is finished and playable.

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Underworlder responds:

I didnt know i could do that =(
But the game needs to be playtested like this

Remember, the space is the thing...

Nice Starfighter game. I like starfighter games, so I might be a little biased. The graphics were alright, the background was especially good. I also liked the control style, When I eventually start working with Flash, and action script, the mouse will be my chosen control method. I mean these little flash games are the sort of thing you play around with while working. Yeah, just click on the startup icon, and blow some time waiting for inspiration to return! The sound was okay, could have done with a few more sound effects though. Far as I could tell, there were no power-ups though. If you do another version of this one, you should probably add some.

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Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2005
12:17 AM EST
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