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so here's a little movie just to let everyone know i'm not dead or anything. i'm just working on a larger collection of... things.

anyways, this is based on an idea presented to me by someone named glenn.

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I really love movies that are trying to say something. I admit the title was pretty confusing. Oh yeah, it makes sense when you learn about the origin, but not much else. I thought this would just be something about animals. I didn't think it would have any deeper meaning. Then again, human beings are technically animals.

The music was great. Don't worry, the Earth will be around for a long time. Humans on the other hand, I'm not so sure about. Look at that bit from George Carlin about it. This is just a nice and soft cartoon.

Love the cartoon

Love the song, it must be named after someone pretty cool lol I still remember that convo, I was upset about some hoochie my sophomore year. Thanks for cheering me up bro. We should do a collab sometime for real.


I think I completely missed the point, unfortunately. I 'm pretty sure the message wasn't "Time is running out, so do what you have/need/want to do." or the like, because the message is never that. :/ (But I like it, so I'll pretend. Time's ticking, why not.)
So, other than that, it was beautiful, and beautifully simple, and the music was amazing and went perfectly with it. Completely deserving of my and the other 10's/

The Greatest

Man this was the best fking animation I have seen to date... I cant explain how amazing it was.. im glad i stumbled upon it.. Very creative and inspiring.. I think i might go back to flash after watching this! I love your style of music, and it goes perfectly into the atmosphere you implemented it in.. MASTERPIECE imo :)


Great short.
Sent many messages.
I though it was pretty cool when the plane was dropping animals in the water.
Love how everything is green as well.
Nice job

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Feb 10, 2005
2:03 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 11, 2005