Zaney Zoo

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Basically our target audience was 5-7 yr. old girls. so wut better to do than the zoo! Mad props to Eric Ofoe (eonash) who did half of this. Please play the whole game and then decide. Holla.


Actually.. there are real young bastards here..

This is perfect for 80 percent of NG's audience.. because honestly there are few over the age of 13-15 here.. and even less over 18. Most of them are illiterate pricks.. *waves hand around* with no taste or upbringing.

I personally liked the game.. reminded me of a sesame street game I had on NES when I was growing up.

like you said, good for the younger ones

the guy was really hard to hear

one prob...

most ppl on newgrounds aren't 5-7 y/o girls (although they act it at times).

the only flaw i saw was the hippo event. after the last event, as you walk to the exit, there is a hippo event that shows up that isnt in the game. (on the left side, on the long path between the last 2 events played)


Overall it was a good game, though flamingo's don't do math. The aquarium music was pretty choppy also. And some times you didn't even give instructions. If you improve on those few things this game could definitely be made larger and sold.

Its alright.

Very interesting concept, high in originality. But aparently not much AS was given thought. Though, i agree, this is a teen site, if its directed towards 4-7 year olds. Then it REALLY ought to be elsewhere. Other than that, i suppose it was alright.

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2.85 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2005
10:34 AM EST
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