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::clear a few thigns up, its not suposed to be based on real events, it was a dream, so its ment to be a little bitoff on history::

It starts out slow but picks up more or less. You might need to adjust the quality lower onslower computers.

Comments are highly welcome, please review and share, thank you.

this is complete as tho it may seem not to be. its exactly how i dreamed it and how i wanted it to be. i did it all in 3 days. and slaped on the preloader at the end. my friends wanted me to add more but this is what i dreampt, so ther eyou go.

Music is from the Donnie Darko Sound Track



not bad movie, although i think the introduction with the falling snowflake should've been a bit shorter though. otherwise, it was cool.

adding to what grim reaper said...

the airborne were not even dropped into bastogne, they rode and marched. Ike brought in any vehicle he could get to bring them, and it is still hailed as one of the greatest mass transports in such a short time in any war. the graphics were ok, the paratroops dropping and having their chutes snag were pretty good. But since you werent trying to be realistic in the plot (you mentioned it was based on a dream), im not goint to vote based on the accuracy of it. I voted how i did because of its shortness and sounds. I know u can make good flashes, this is barely half of your capability. keep trying. p.s make some war flashes! continue on the plot! you seem to have a knack for it.

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needs work

definately needs some work. plus i dont know why youre having allied transports being escorted by german me-109s. also if this is about the villiage in france its spelled bastogne.


I hope for Ronald McDonald's sake that you never make another movie this "dick" again! Sorry but as of now you suck. Please try again!:(


A one minute Flash witha thousand words huh?Anyway you gotta love the Donnia Darko theme song in this.I mean thats like the best song ever.

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2005
6:39 AM EST
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