Shaolin Boy Episode 3

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You may need to view 1 and 2 afterwards to help with story you can search for shaolin boy or just look in the rest of my submissions in drop down box below on this page, until episode 4 see you all and take care


This was cool

This was good, some nice sound effects and riding a plane wing is always cool.


nice work man, you really put alot of effort into this one. looks kick ass but voice actors could have used some lessons (he he he) anyways. 10/10

Super-Blackball responds:

thankyou very much

Best one so far

I'll complain in real life :p

Super-Blackball responds:

Damn house mates :P

Good art, but...

1st gaff is audio: overmodulated in a couple of places, watch your levels; the SFX for the jet while it's going down are of a propeller driven aircraft, maybe you intended it to be the sound of the helicopter, but it just doesn't work for that either, Also, try overlapping & fading your SFX if you have the capability to do so, it would make your soundtrack sound smooth. 2nd gaff: when the jet is going down, there's a red/orange streak traveling parallel to it & ahead of it, what is this? Maybe this was supposed to be flame & smoke from the jet? If so it's in the wrong place. 3rd gaff: we never see the boy landing in the water, an onscreen splash would be a good thing, maybe add a streak to indicate a great speed. I'm not trying to trash your work, just pointing out some things that could stand some improvement. I thought your 1st episode rocked (I don't speak Chinese LOL) and was hoping that this episode would be even better than the 1st, it wasn't. But keep up the good work, I think you've got something here, and your art is really good, it sort of reminds me of a water color painting & I think that adds a certain quality to the overall product that not only makes your work pleasing to the eye, but makes you rather unique as an artist.


ok well graphics were neat and the reason why style was not so great cuz this reminded me of Ninjai-The Little Ninja....which is one hella crazy film O.O sound...well im pretty sure ur not all satisfied with that either and violence....heh...i see no blood!

and overwall.....ok first this was WAY too short for a download that took a pretty long time and well it just didnt make sense to be cuz well i havent seen the previous episode so point me out if im wrong but, helicopter popped outa no where?little boy gets out of the plane pretty fast? and little boy would not be able to survive outside at such high speed standing up? boy breaks the airplane's wings? gets washed ashore coincidentally?


Super-Blackball responds:

thanks for the score, the hele copters sort of ourt of number 2 :) dont worry huge story unwrapped soon!

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3.70 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2005
10:58 PM EST
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