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First submission, first flash.
Just something i put together from playing around.

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These kinds of animations need to be FBF. The animation looked a little cheesy when it was tweened. So try to some parts frame-by-frame next time it will look way better.


I don't really like dramatic stuff and that sort of things... I like the general flash and all...
But there's something i wanted to call ur atention to:

In the beginning of the flash, while he's sitting on the floor holding his deheaded teddy bear (gee, that would be a popular toy on some countries i know XD), you can see the wall's frames through his eyes... You know, the line that separates the floor from the wall.
I bet THAT wasn't supposed to be seen :S

(sorry for that joke, i just had to say it =P:D)

CoatHangerBabies responds:

i saw that too >_>

This was a tad boring and i found it pointless.

It shows a depressing emotion, but most flash with depressing emotions useually make more sense. For example: Why was he so sad? Was it the eviroment he was in? The past? Useually stuff like this has a obvious message but i don't get the message in this. If you don't know the message yourself; then this flash was a waste of time. Anyway keep making flash, you're very good. And please remember, make flashes like these more obvious to the eye ;)

Not Bad

Like the others reviewers I agree that this flash is a very decent starting flash. I do not want to assume the message you were trying to get through to us, but it seemed like it should have been explained perhaps. Ex: More scenes when the character is confronted with what bothers him.
That's all good work, and yeah keep the style

Wow. Very good for your first try.

As most people would expect, I though I would see some shapes or some terribly draw character being thrown around a colorless background with some garbled sound effects.

....Instead, I get this very decient animation. I really like your graphics. They are very artistic and well done, don't change them. I believe your trying to send a message but I don't know what it is exactely. You may want to up your frame rate i looked like it was running on 12 fps but thats okay for begginers.

Your music choice fit with how everything was done. My only problem with it was how it looped. Not a very good loop but I got over it soon enough.

In conclusion I can only congraulate you on making your first piece of animation worth while.

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Feb 6, 2005
7:24 PM EST
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