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WARNING! STAY AFTER THE CREDITS! There's a bit more...

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Pretty nice

I have to admit it wasnt really good but it wasn't bad. I mean it was funny how one person is expecting something epic from a name such as X15. But either way it was a good flash. It just needs a basic better plot to it is all.

P.S. We acually have a bus called X15 In NYC

Huh? how did I get here?

Dude, you made a good review of my cartoon, and so I will do a good one on yours. that was freakin awesome!! except for the part where it waas only two scenes for the entire movie. But thats OK, I mean, this is something coming from someone who cant get his computer microphone working, so whatever. Keep up the good work!

all that I want is just a bit o' pussy

Yeah, I like Eazy too but still it was a little cheesy saying it in the end credits I got the impression you thought no-one knew NWA and stuff.. I actually cringed.. nothing too bad though, I was happy to hear it again after years! :)

Anyway, back to business, I generally liked the movie and found it funny both in the voices and just how a bus appears outta the ground like its the best thing since sliced bread only to fuck everyone else off... lol.. quality. It's own theme music, that was a killer!

Anyway, the sounds were fun but I'd suggest you try a little cooledit or something in the meantime to make future movies a little more precise (or something.. just can't think of it right now). To be specific maybe some cheesy advert music (not voicebox) on the intro to the bus.

Anyway peace out and make sure you check out my resident evil : REmake movie soon :)


I liked the voiced sound efects i thought it was quite funny

Holy crap...

THAT SUCKED!!!Newgrounds will put you in jail for major insult to the site!

SunChipsClock responds:

I can see how its shitness would offend someone who has submitted as many animations as you have...right?

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2005
5:10 PM EST