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DailyToon SE: TV_Vision

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u...huh :[]

I almost like it but usless character in television


I have no Idea whats happening.

Happy thanksgiving from Wegra2007

you just plain suck at this

even though i probably wouldnt do any better. Why are you even creating this and putting it on newgrounds. It just sucks

So that's why this is at the bottom of the portal.

This movie is only slightly better than X-Naut's infamously bad movies. The graphics are bad, the style is horrid, the sound is horrid, and there is no humor in it. Honestly, I wish that every 6 months, a cleanup of every flash that was rated below a 1.5 would happen. We do not need more crap like this entering the portal.


oh boy, look at the banana man he gone crazy

Television responds: