Jedi, two sabers test

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This is our first outdoor saber test for our upcoming movie. The resolution is not the best, but we hope you will enjoy it anyway.


pretty good for a test

like i said above, pretty good, and T-way, realisticly, the other saber wouldn't cut in half, if it did, then the star wars movies would be like... totally retarted. anyways, straight 5s, because its only a test scene.

power to the saber movies

good but it was kinda short.man you sabers look so real! but its would be like the movie if you made it longer.I have hope for you so much.All my saber movies got blammed!

A Good Start

I like how it was done, it lacked clearity, the sound is as good as a lightsaber should be (which is kinda cheap), and since it's a short video there was no interactivity, humor, or violence.


I can do better effects though :-D

Not Bad

This was pretty good for a test, you picked the other saber up with the saber, it would cut in two if your going realistic. Other than that it looked great for a test. Keep up the good work.

Obviously you guys are skilled in the rotoscoping lightsaber world, just out of curiosity, what software are you guys using? Im a lightsaber rotoscoper myself and I use adobe products.

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2.37 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2005
12:47 PM EST
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