The Challenge.

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This is my first entry on the portal, i could never seem to finish a flash movie so i just gave myself a 6 hour deadline to write up some sort of script, get some appropriate music, and animate, i went 3 hours over my deadline but at least i have something on the portal, please feel free to comment on anything.


bastard guy

. . . skating is better than bmxing.. own3d plx4rn

i like it when there was blood

ur first finished product, congrats, it was pretty cool, with all blood and stuff, could of done changing ur voice a bit more for each character but it still works good, good work for 9 hours

Against the tide

As seen in movie, you apparently have something against scaters, this is a free world and we all have right to express our opinions and i can respect that.

Pros :
.Grafics were bit better than average, does not fall to good or exellent category, but since you said it took only 9 hours ( 6 +3) I gave you extra one at that field.
-Music, classical, yes, it has some uses.

-"no one misses a scate boarder" , thats bit too much of a personal point of a view, charecter stood there a day , but kill him and ignore it , or label it unsignificent event was major set back to this animation.

- This is not humorous.

- you commended that bikers are better, but in your animation you labelled scaters as gurues that place their soul on ther trade, and you made you bmc bikers.. as ruffians that throw others with bricks, kill em , and go to get some icecream cause no one cares about what they did.

Do you really think this proves BMX bikers are better? You made them look like a street gangers.


beautifull at first...loved it
the music was classic and moving, kinda thing that touches your soul.
then when i realized he was a skater i was like awesome
when i realized he was gonna get nailed with the brick it was dissapointing
but only kinda cuz bikers are soooo better (sarcasm)
the ice cream only sounds too good after you 'kill' someone
i liek how he died by drowning in his blood, as opposed to being killed by the brick
the music at the end was a nice final touch
very nice, my compliments to you.

Dutchin responds:

we bikers ARE better :)

Not too shabby, my friend

Pretty well done, considering it took you only 6 hours to make it.

Oh, wait, it took you 9 hours?...

The animation is pretty well done and solid. There are some details here and there (with regards to colour) that don't quite blend well, but hey, that's your style. The sound was well picked. In my opinion, it would have been better with some wind blowing (or some background noise) while the BMX boys were talking. The concept's pretty funny.

Yep, overall, well done.

Dutchin responds:

wow i'm such a big fan of yours, can i work on a piece with you please?

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2.49 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2005
5:10 PM EST
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