Space thing 2025

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It's a spaceship shooter game!

Once you get to 2000 points you can go to the miniboss

Enemies will damge you if they hit you or you get caught in the blast they create on death

the pod like ship kills all other ships

Enemies do not yet shoot
(I don't know how to code it)


Not bad...not bad at all

You got everything going for it, the techno music, the annoyingly bright graphics from the 80s. Maybe a little redundant in the end. But good, nonetheless.

Underworlder responds:

yes your should play V.2
its allready up

Overall, good

Could use some work though. Try to make the pauses between the waves of enemies shorter. Also, try to improve on the graphics. The enemies didn't really look like anything. Has a lot of potential, however.

Underworlder responds:

almost done now


nice little shooter game you made here, fairly simple though, but it was fun.

Underworlder responds:

thank you

It was ok

Game is just a lil boring and not really no originality. I have seen way better gamez made like this before and they were spectacular. This was not...Just try to put more effort into the game and maybe you can even add a feature or to. You have pretty good skillz though so I'll give you pts for that. 1 thumb up t('.'t)

Underworlder responds:

nice grammer loser

Great Consept, Needs Work.

Great consept, just needs some work. The enemies need to be able to shoot and the "pod like ship" needs to be bigger. This will make the game more difficult (which is needed). You got an eight because the controls are so nice and easy to use. You have a real possibility with this. Keep working on it.

Underworlder responds:

thank you

the pod is small so its harder to hit

i just finished making the art on the controled ship and made cooler explosions

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2.53 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2005
8:55 PM EST
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