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Magical Trevor2

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Magical trevor is back with a new trick.

I just want to clear up the lyrics for some people:

He's back and he's got a new trick.
Magical Trevor is 10 times as slick as the last time,
the last time you saw him,
now you can see why we really adore him.
You might think his new trick is sick,
sawing a pigeon in half with a stick.
Look at the pigeon, now it's in 2.
Oh my it's rear end is having a poo.
Look at the mess in aisle 2.
Aisle 2, that's the place where we store the Ragu.
There's So Much Raguuuuuu.

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what happened? at end where line says so much Ragu, just cuts off during the end of Ragu...now sees weird when loops.

i like this better than the original but that was not the case like 10 years ago when i first saw it!!! lol times change and people do too!!!

illuminashock... Just because u didn't get ur daily dose of Reefer dosen't mean u have to be a hater. This was and still is amazing. Takes me back to a better time^^

Crude, not as good as the last or the next, I hate to say.

Weebl's MT toons are always good... but this is my absoulte favorite of all those so far release.