Holy Sword 4

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My sixth flash on ng. Continuing my everlasting series of Holy Sword, i decided to switch roles between holy and dark side, making the dark side seem like "the good guys". i'd like to thank BlackAssasin for his support in convincing me to finish this flash be4 i started a new one. Enjoy!


Ok Ok.

That was pretty epic. Mystic Ninjas vs Evil Demon Badass.
The plot was nice and the animation was quite colorful and flashy. Me Like.

So now the Dark Side gets the sword of all power. Watch out Holy Ninja dude. XD

it was good....

but i just have one queston.... where did the dark sword come from? it wasnt part of the movies be4 then it just showed up? it was a good movie though great job ^_^ just i would like to know more about the dark sword where it suddenly came into play

Awesome again

but too short.... i guess those 3 new ninja were some of the others fighters or somthing? But very nice when Bleade possesed the one tehn turn him to a pile of broken bones....

but overall its great

Story isn't flowing thus far

I just can't enjoy this after watching the previous one and then there comes in these unexplained characters. Whats that? All of a sudden Bleade can take 3 of the ninjas when he was getting smoked by the one. Make things clear. Just because you understand what your story says that doesn't mean everyone else does.

Continue this Series...

I like this series Alot...SamurEYE oh ya DestinyDragon22 Gives you a Good helping hand I like your ANIMATIONS ALOT...It will be good if you can compare to LGD Vegetto...That would be Scary..

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3.66 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2005
5:53 PM EST