Broken Saints CH 21 ACT 3

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In this final act of Chapter 21, Shandala is possessed with the idea of returning home to her island paradise of Lomalagi. Will she choose to go alone? If she does ask for the other saints to join her...will they follow? The winds of the End are blowing...like a trumpet in the distance. Something is coming...


Was not expecting that!

*Read after watching*
I did not expect him to come back, i thought he was lost at sea for good! This series is the best i have seen so far. I can't wait to see the next one!

A beautiful telling

of truths and life's real miracles.


Why did you have to bring HIM back? Anyway a very good series
and I pronounce Raimi Rye-me.

Very Touching

Oran's reaction after they hugged was priceless.

White is the most beautiful of colours

I reeally hope that they don't sail away to the island paradise until they have saved the world. We just can't do it on our own, you know. The beginning was quite long without any talking, but thankfully the artist managed this well by really giving us things to see and think about. The audience is forced to imagine how all the scenery out the window must appear to people like Oran, and Kamimura, and most of all Shandala. The use of shadows for strangers was effective.
I thought this section was beautiful, and was really emotional without being sappy. I actually did think Gabriel was dead, and in fact I didn't like him very much as he seemed a little patronizing. But whatever makes Shandala happy. I wonder what part gabriel will have to play in the comming chapters? Now I have to watch or lie awake all night wondering (argh!)
I find it monumental that the end screen was, for once, white (joyous!).
I think it well!
all my fives.

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Feb 1, 2005
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