Internal Fires 17

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by csscblackbelt2000

Internal Fires 17

Hero has been taking a vacation for the holidays. He had almost forgotten all the problems of the world, until he started to notice strange ocurrences and noises. He was having..."GRUDGES&qu ot;...with...GRUDGY people.........

He had a (grudge) partner take his place while he was on vacation. When Hero returned, his partner was nowhere to be seen.

Soon, Hero noticed shadowy figures following him. It was very strange, becuase everytime he looked back, it would just disappear. This was no ordinary shadowy figure....it was a GHOST! Or so it seemed so...

The "ghost" changed him into a really old house; it looked as if it had been abandoned for decades now. He was not able to see very well and ran into a rope. He pulled on the rope and down came the ladder to the attic. Hero had no choice but to go up.....

Up he went, into the darkness. All of a sudden, he remembered he had a match. He lit it, and looked around. He noticed two dead bodies in the corner. He was starting to get very afraid for he new his power would bot be able to save him against such evil.

As he was about to go down, he heard a strange noise; the noise sounded like a door creaking.......
Hope you enjoy this episode.

Update- turkeyindisguise is currently woeking on Fall of Gandalf 4. This one should be really good, so keep your eyes open for that.

Until next episode, bo!


Hey good one!

I enjoyed watching this one! I liked the dead.... thing.... lol. hehe he flushed himself down the toilet! dont stop making these, but u still have to try my challenege on a serious one when u get the chance.
Damn finals haha but i think i did alright. Im doing alright and how about yourself? Well yes in ur other reply to me u told me the music u liked... and by my name i guess u can figure out mine :P haha. well im out.... gonna go play some Final Fantasy X( yes i love video games:P) LaTa! Hope to hear from you soon!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Hey, long time no talk. Been busy with so much homework and studying for the AP test which is just around the corner.

It may be a long time before I start on that serious one, or even start making the IF's as fast as I have in the past.

So how have you been? Beat Final Fantasy X yet?

Long live the internal fires!

These are just about the wierdest flash movies I have ever seen. Seriously. The whole series, geez.

Either way, I like what you got going. The series is really fun. Simple graphics and a simple crazy plot is really all it needs. Keep them coming!


csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Thanks man.

Congratulations on that daily feature game you made. I played it. phew, that was pretty tough, but I was able to win.

Keep up those actionscript flash. You seem to be really good at at them. Tell me when you submit more.

Thank you for the review, greatly appreciated.

hrmm yep

proves that yes, you have a thing for guys in bathrooms.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your review. I have been very busy.

First things first.
How does this prove that I have a thing for guys in bathrooms? I really don't see how someone can get to that conclusion....unless their mind is corrupted beyond repair.

Let me begin by explaining to you what happened in this movie. A man...one....is sitting on the toilet, using it. A man who has just finished his business is walking out. The lights shut off, due to a jonitor most likely, and the first man...the only one in there... is left in the dark. He begins to notice strange occurrences (I will not mention them in case people are looking at this because then they won't watch the movie). After this, a ghost resembling half of the ghost in The Grudge, and half of the creature from The Village, appears and attempts to kill him. The man, reacting only on instincts, is able to escape, closely in persuit by the ghost. Then comes the fight scene, as it ends in all of my movie (always a different fight scene though).

Please, tell me how this proves I have a thing for men in the bathroom. Unless, as soon as you saw a man in the bathroom, and you were turned on, and you thought it was something about liking men in the bathroom, which you apparently seem to enjoy. Wow dude..or... whatever you are.......... you just admit you were the one who liked men by writing this review. Not just men, but men in the bathroom. That is sick dude. Well, actually, maybe not for your kind.

not tahat good.

um its really not that good it was stupid. hope you do better in the future.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Now, was it stupid, or were you too stupid to figure out what was happening to and figure out the inner meaning of it all?

Think about that....

You hope I do better on an Internal Fires? Are you serious? These take me 5 minutes to make.....I hope you aren't serious....anyways, no, they arent getting any better...they are Internal Fires....IF's are what they are....no IF can be better...IF's are a;ready the best.....


I couldn't really see the meaning of this one. Is nothing more going to happen after they lie in the sewer?

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

When you say this one, do you mean this particular flash animation or this particular Internal Fires?

No matter what your answer to that was, this will help.....All IF's have a meaning within them. Usually, you have to read the Author's Comments and watch the animation in order to find out the true moral meaning of it all combined....well, at least with my Internal Fires.

Are you telling me you stopped wathching in the introduction to my movie!?!?!?!?

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Jan 30, 2005
11:23 PM EST
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