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Its a simple little game that I made. I hope you guys review and like it! Please sign up for the forums at Eviludy.net!

---EDIT 1---
Compressed the song, so file-size dropped MAJORLY!!

---EDIT 2---
Get the Potions II is finally out!


V-Hammer yessssss

That was totally fucking a hardcore mouse chaser game
that V-Hammer makes us do baha that's funny that you
make it but before your even in his class WTF PWNT SHIT
ehhhhhhhhhhh anwyways
it was alriiiiight youd say i know your brain has expanded since the time you have made this but it's just to easy i think but damn thats me. good tunes id say so myself. humor for V-Hammer shit whee

was good.

was kinda pointles but it had its hard parts i like the idea of the game. so hope to see more of your work.

SuperBokey responds:

Wow Thank you!! I just got started on the sequel, so expect it to be waaaay better than this one ;)


not really that great.. the difference between level 1 and level 3 isn't too different... perhaps some different background graphics for each level would be nice... the music is fine.. the concept has been done a few times now from what i've seen.

SuperBokey responds:

Yeah It was supposed to be just a simple little game, but Im gonna add more features to the next one...

Nice Nice I see where you goin and I say run with

it. Pretty addiciting I played bout 5 timez but couldn't get passed lvl 4 lol. Just improve on thingz like difficutly, interaction, power-upz, music. You know just the basic thingz. But i say dont trash the idea. Keep it! I like it. 2 thumbz up t('.'t)

SuperBokey responds:

Hey Thanks! I think I shall get started on it now!

a few problems

needs something new to each level, making it more interesting, better graphics, and you can't le the potions go too far off the screen...or at all for that matter.

SuperBokey responds:

Good suggestion :D!! Sorry about the graphics, cant really draw in flash :P, and many people have had the problem about it going off screen, so Ill fix that first (if I do a sequel)

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2.19 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2005
5:34 PM EST
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