Move the ball V2.O

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now it's harder, 20 levels

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This was frustrating but great fun, I liked moving the ball from the start to the whole and the puzzles were pretty funny though they did get pretty cluttered towards the end and some sections were hard to navigate, regardless this was pretty awesome, just work on your graphics :)


not bad

5 for the graphics cuz therz only a ball, walls and kinda dangerous things
7 for style because therz not so much "move the ball" games
4 for sound cuz therz only the turret sound
6 for violence when the ball get "killed" lol
7 interactivity because it tooks me 10 minutes to complete it without the use of that simple bug you can easily get rid of.
0 humor cuz the game is fun but not funny.
I noticed that bug in other games like that and I wanted to tell you what's the main problem with the bug. You can pass the game in less than 1 minute so I'm just worrying about it
The problem is the "drag and drop function"!
Do you know what it is?
just put the mouse on the ball, hold the left mouse button and drag it to the hole. Stop holding the button. You pass every level that way. That's why interactivity got 7 and not 9 or 10. GOOD WORK!
-Fourreur, who appreciate new talented artists like you!

that soude is....

so enowing

not bad...

It's a little bit harder than V1.0, but it's still pretty easy. I'm not cheating by the way.

hard if you dont cheat

Cheating is easy but if you dont its pretty fun....if you cant figure out how to cheat, right click the ball and left click the hole and easy out.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2005
7:37 AM EST
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