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Author Comments

I will be Amazed if this even pass through the Judgement =/

im out of ideas, so i will be waiting for that day i'm getting a Über idea that will blow you away.
that day maby come...
but not today...

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Not a bad start

The selection of special effects could have used some better consideration. I hope future projects will last longer, instead of like 7 seconds? Even so, the drawings suggest a good artist.

LocalNeroflash responds:

8 seconds thx
^ ^
,,, _________ ,,,
v v


Very funny short movie. Poor green guy, he never had a chance. ^^ The movie was graphics were ok and the way he got killed was creative. Nice short movie that got the job done of making you laugh. and say dang that gotta hurt.

LocalNeroflash responds:

hmmm... i use to say ouch when somebody says: my brother put ink in to his eyes to day. i mean ink into the eyes?
it's really gonna hurt O_o

thx for review tradgedy7

Bloody hell :o

Poor green guy and poor green granny.

Rest in pieces :o

LocalNeroflash responds:

for the wonderful review

that was great for something so short!

If only that were a bit longer, but still that actually cheered me up a little, seeing some-one else suffer >:)

LocalNeroflash responds:


kinda ok

really good but if itd be longer itd get a real good score.
i hope you get a über idea quick:P

LocalNeroflash responds:

Neo: I Know Kung fu
Morpheuz: Show me

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2005
6:47 AM EST
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