The train.

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A strange animation that is quite short, happy birthday adam phillips.
Its not really very good but i like the slime animation, i'm kinda supprised it did beta on stickslaughter. :)


I liked it

It's really weird, but I like it. The slime rocks, btw.


Man that gave me the creeps -_- a good flash tho hope to see more.

i wouldn't say the best...

i think you've done well on this... except for a few spots here and there of course. Its better than SOME stuff i've seen around here.
Hello everyone i'm new!!! :)

Have you seen "Spirited Away"?

It reminded me a lot of a scene in a Japanese animated film called "Spirited Away". If so, it's a nice homage to it, if not you'd be amazed at the parallels your animation has to it.
Your green guy looks and acts very similarly to the monster called No-face and there was a train that had black shadowy spirits on it very similar to your ones. The train ran on tracks that were submerged just under the surface of a lake. It was a very surreal part of the film.

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munchmed responds:

yeh i love that movie, i gotta say, i made it in a day.. soo...... i will call it rubbish. all i am proud of is the slime animations. :)


not bad short animation you got here, but the storyline was very random and also rather confusing too, half of the time i didn't have a clue what was going on.

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2.76 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2005
1:12 AM EST
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