Lobster The Lobster Ep 19

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Things are really starting to come full circle for the gang...watch and enjoy!


LTL19 - Surprising Times - noooo... Bruce Banner!

His return is here... as I feared it would be. ;_; Anyway, funny to see the consequences of the end of the last ep, with even MORE people in hospital beds now, and... the nurse lobster pinching that asshole in the crotch was amusing... and... him whistling as he walked away from the town with the hospital burning in the deep background and his clothes all torn due to him having just been teh Hulk and all... had a delicious edge of black humour, but...

but but but... when the ending of an ep of Lobster the Lobster features anything over than Lobster the Lobster pinching Fat Dude in the ass with his clickityclick claw... EVEN IF THAT ENDING... features something as delightfully random, in concept, as a duck riding across a highway on a big tractor lawn mower with great mouth-made sound effects courtesy of you guys...

It's just... not... right. Ya know? Ah well. (sigh) The last of the numbered LTLs is over, and we are left with... one... last... one. To go.


i love this series. whoa "you wouldn't like me when i'm angry" is that guy suppose to be the hulk or something? haha.. graphics look good.. voice acting is decent.. this is a nice short movie.. not bad.


you collection is so hilarious ! continue !!


im a wild thing assed boar :)

Ha ha Weeeeeeeeeeee

This series just keeps getting better and better. And that pelican driving a tractor was pure genious, i tip my hat to you.

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3.14 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2005
3:27 PM EST
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