Forest in fire

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EDIT: Site changed to www.SplatterMania.com

This short lay in the Crap Basket section of my site, but I was bored so I decided o post it on NG anyway...
The crap basket contain all kind of shorts I make while bored ...


forest fires are fun

short and sweet, like a toffee covered midget. is it just me or does that monkey bear an uncanny resemblance to president bush? either way, good for what it set out to do.


That fire looked very good, yes it's kind of short, but it was good though.
btw, I'm not the first one who says this: I might be evil, but that screaming monkey really made me laugh!!

Very humorous. :)

That was cool, it was pretty funny seeing the man not caring about destroying everything. XD

One thing though is the frame rate needs improving, though the smoke effect was pretty good!

Haha burn little monkey, burn.... XD


What on earth, lol. You made a flash movie about a stoner killing a monkey? XD. The sound effect of the screaming monkey was priceless, and everything was drawn pretty well. I'm glad this made it past judgement. It goes to show you it's not how long a movie is, it's how fucked up it is and how hard it makes you laugh XD


The moral of this story: MONKEYS ARE HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!

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3.01 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2005
11:57 AM EST
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