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Protect Our People


i agree but one problem

you forgot that winston took a breath at we shall fight in the hills.. then he says and fight them with the butt ends of beer bottles cos thats all we bloody got he said to his colluage and the u.s.a a place of freedom and god? no they had slavely up to 30 years when it was banned in eurpe and they killed millons of indains made a few animals exsinct build a massive empire over the indain land and when they invaded other places like cuba 1890s and 1960s and vietam 60s-70s the commands said kill anyone over the age of 10 people died in masses and then invaded the middle east so in a way YOU DEVSERED 9/11 becase there is no place in the world that is as horrible as the usa there even is crack dealers just along the road or a gunshop on the street corner with billons of mcdonalds covering the place*pencil 5* so the usa is just a horrble place of shit now move out of there before you die of aids! thank you for ure time.

We did not liberate them

What we did was we marched into their country and said, "You're gonna live under our government and you're gonna like it!" Sure, we got rid of Saddam, but forced government? Does that sound like liberation to you? Not me.

I knew I added you for a reason

Ending with a quote from Howard Zinn...nice... I think that sums it up.


You're gonna be 1 of my fav artists man! Plz do more like this!

Preaching to the choir

I like the messages in your flash, but they are too extreme and are only threatening the people you want to persuade. People naturally feel anxiety when their world view is threatened, and become defensive. You can't just "shock attack" someone into changing world views. It is a slow and emtionally exhausting process to self-examine and change. Also, People like to believe the first thing they hear or at least hold a bias towards, unfortunetly that tends to be the news. Basically, all this kind of persuasive flash can hope to do is make the choir and preacher feel better.

Note that Sparta waged war against Athens in the name of liberating Athens' colonies. However, they sold off/enslaved some of the outer colonies to Asia Minor (an enemy of Greece), ensieged city after city, had city after city sieged, MANY MANY MANY people died, and in the end Sparta won (but only had fuck'n 3,000 citizens left) and they only held onto there hegemony position for some 20 years before beingdefeated by Thebes. The point is Wars of liberation have been declared in the past and regardless of motives (I find Spartas and Americas questionable and short sighted) it will only lead to death....lots of death.

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Jan 28, 2005
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