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Just a little short bout lovebunny... set out like a childrens show. I'm not suspecting a golden globe nomination for this one, but hey. some might like it for what it is, a movie about a farmer and his gun.


That was mean! But kinda funny.

Graphics: Okay you could've improved on farmer Bob.

Style: Make a short flash about the deathof a bunny okay....

Sound: Ballroom music sucks!

Violence: Happy Tree Friends type of violence. (Animal Brutality)

Interactivity: I don't remember any. (I'm not kidding!)

Humor: POW!! Parts of bunnys head scattered everywhere. And the signs.

I give it a six.

heh heh

grafix and style, not perfect but i liked them, very unique.
that old man was funny (the sound)
and i didnt expect that to happen, it made me laugh, but i think you could have made that twice as good if you added another scene.

Wustfull responds:

yeah, probaly should have, but its too late now.

is this ur first

is this your first ever movie? cos the art work looks abit new nd the animation was kinda short but anyhowz i guess practice makes perfect but if it was ur first ever flash then i cant reely say anythin bad cos it would not be fair so i d say that this was quite good for ur first why dont u try like puttin stick figures into ur movies or sumthin i usually make sum on crappy slide shows on power point cos i cant afford flash maker nd also by credit card that i cant do obviously wel anyway!!! its was kinda good if ur first nd is not so good if u hav made lots of movies so reply to this review nd tell me if u would try to put in funny stuff like stick figures


stuart alexander glass from scotland aye!!!!

Wustfull responds:

its like my first. but i never submited it, ive done other stuff thats better, i just submitted this one for fun.


The artwork sucked, train a little bit more... But it was funny and the sound was pretty good!

Wustfull responds:

so basicly what your saying is that you loved the cartoon and would give me $1000 if you ever met me.


well,the animation was crap and you should train that,but otherwise good,and music fitted perfectly on this.

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2.03 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2005
5:00 AM EST
Comedy - Original