Broken Saints CH 20 Act 4

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In the 4th instalment of Chapter 20 in the 24-part Broken Saints saga, RAIMI MATTHEWS starts to feel the full effects of the mushroom tea administered by KAMIMURA.
As his world dissolves into lines of code, we travel back with him to the his distant youth - a time at his Mother's bedside, during her darkest hour.


It's nice to see some backstory. There were a lot of philosophical arguments in this. I enjoy learning more about the characters. Again, thank you for listing the synopsis. I don't see all of these episodes. I'm not that big a fan.

I still appreciate the story. I like the visuals with the code. I liked the animation with the fan. It's kind of a cool flash trick. The music sets the mood well too.


Broken Saints Chapter 20 Act 4 was excellent, really told the story of Raimi and about hes sick mum, excellent roll on act 5.

Graphics: Great artwork not that much animation.
Sound Effects: A few effects but not loads.

9/10 stars for this one excellent.


No one's commented here since 2007. Even that guy who just says "Bad ass series is now gone. I feel a little bit alone. (This stuff is still top-notch, by the way).

I love the way

that this moved, and especially the way that Raimi's words tied right back into the beginning of his story.

Slow Parts

Straight up, man. Have the people who are whining about these slow parts ever read a book? You know the flashback parts that aren't all that exciting, but are needed for the characters and to make sense of everything? Did you not think a storyline as complex as this one wasn't going to need a few of those?
Plus, pay some freaking attention to these flashbacks, and you may find some interesting things. Notice the connection between Raimi's line at the end of this episode and his line at the end of episode two? I hope so. It was weird and unexplained in Episode two, and if it didn't stick in your memory, you may be living too much for the fight scenes and not enough for the reasons behind the fights. If you want that, go watch Dad's Home.
Not to say Dad's Home isn't a sweet, sweet flash. In fact, having gotten my Broken Saints fix, I'm going to go watch it right now.

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3.71 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2005
2:06 AM EST
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