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Hello Newgrounds!
The author of "Smile!" and "Aura" brings you another side project gone too big - POLSUPAH!
This here is an absolute milestone as far as my flashmaking - it has SOUND(!), actual VOICES (!!) and is in full TECHNICOLOR (!!!) - caan't bellieve et... But it's true, ladies and gentlemen.

Before we start, the usual warning: "May not be liked by everyone but was never meant to be liked by everyone."

Thank you, and enjoy the show! :)

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Call me morbid, but I really do like this for how sadistic it is. It just helps that the animation is amazing. You truly have no clue what will happen next in this. There's just so much insanity here. The salesman always looks scary. I wasn't expecting the woman to be that insane too.

It's great how it is basically an infomercial. I like how there's always movement. The animation reminds me of David Firth. Even the style is similar. It's still cool in its own right, of course.

It's so good, love the dark humour, simply stunning!

Wait wait... he he chops a little boys head off and gets laid EVERY DAY?!?!?!?!??!

his mouth is wierd!! did they have sex?

the kids head is still bleeding kinda sick