SMW - KR 1 - Re mastered

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Ok this is the first Super Mario World - Koopa's Revenge. I re did this one, it looks way better than it use to. So please go easy, its only my third movie.


if I could I'd give 5 and a half actually overall

The flash was okay but where did Sonic and Megaman X come from is this another story before the story thing? That really tripped me out that those two characters were there. Plus the Heartless am I correct? what was that all about? You got some explaining to do author for I am a tad lost in the current storyline. How did this thing start anyway?

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Ko, Ryan, why did you yell at Zimzap? He just gave you some good advice, and you shove it in his face? What a disgrace. And your mvoie sucks. my third movie was WAY better then this.

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Barely good enough to get on the portal

If you are going to make a sprite movie, then you have to make your sprites the best quality as you can. However, you did not do that as many of the sprites (Mario most obviously) were transparent in places and you had characters inside of what should have been solid objects.

If you can get your sprites to a higher quality and you can speed up the text boxes, you might have a good series.

You tried...

It was pretty bad since some of the dialog was misspelled, it was just what seems to be screenshots of the snes mario game along with super sonic and megaman. Story line didn't make much sense either.. Sorry, try again.

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great job my men

dont worry man follow doing it.....its very good that movie and what is heppening

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2.06 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2005
12:21 PM EST
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