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Bomb Arena

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just a lil' animation i made, don't 'spect nothing great, its just a stick figure, im just submitting something to figure out how it works, then i'll start with good move/games.

Credits to The Who

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good stick man

what a great stick man that is unkillable i like the part when the stick man putted the other into the cannon.


This was a very good animation. :)

its ok

hey black plastic y r u a mutha fucken son of a bitch and y is u and ur mom a whore oh ya and y r u a faggot

Reminds me of Lapland that Stickfigure puzzle game

------^ nuff Said, I liked it, the song was a bit...unfitting but still the overall was good, I give it a 4/5

twas good but...

I still have some questions.
Why when the bombs exploded they made perfect curves.
How did he come back to life after his head fell off.
Why was he in this mysteriouse arena.
Where were the bombs coming from.
Does this stick have any morphing abilities.
How does your stick live with a verbal quartex in the middle of the head.
Who was the man near the cannon.
Why was he there.
Why did the stick throw the man in the cannon.
Why did the cannon explode and not shoot anything out.