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A new short by me, that ISN'T Lobster the Lobster!? what the?!?!

Anyhow, this is pretty experimental. Hope you like it!

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Good Style

I love the type of graphics, make them more advanced, like better, and make a better story. Oh, and better sound, I know I'm being picky, however, you are submitting this to the world, and 1/3 of them actually watch these. Alright bud? Ok. See Ya

Awesome talent

If this had a plot involving a longer story, some more jokes and featured a ittle punchier (comedic timing ahoy) animation, this'd be FRONT PAGE in a second! You've got the moves boy, now lets see a REAL show!
...So much potential...
More please!

As an experiment...

...it's good. But the shortness and lack of well...anything, really, obviously hits the score hard. Thus it's probably more accurate to check out my graphics and style scoring rather than the overall score.

Put this style to good use: Make a longer, plot-based flash with it!

good job

I just have to say the most you could do to improve that is to work on the animation of the arms to make it seem more fluent, other than that you did good for an experiment.

sweet dude.

i havent phisicly laughed at a flash for a while. i like the glasses thing and the fat arnold voice lmfao!

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3.63 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2005
2:09 AM EST
Comedy - Original