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Ok...If you have seen this before here on NGs its cause it was stolen from me(It was a months ago but I think the stolen flash is still around here} Anyway, This is like a tribute to the JTHM by Jhonen Vazquez(Invader Zim creator) so the characters and the story are NOT mine, I took a specific comic strip and animate it so you can blame me for lack of originality but not stealing xP

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the voice of the victim really put me off, but it was really enjoyable

i agree with WallofYawn

the flash itself is really good, but the voices could use some work, especially Nny's voice. It doesnt' necessarily have to be a man's voice, I think that a woman with a middle range voice could do it if she put the right emotion into it. I've been considering trying one myself, but I don't have the equipment or flash/computer skills to do it. Maybe someday.

The point is, Nny needs to be a little louder and more audible, and that would help the entire flash a lot. The victim was fine, I would have made the cries a little louder and more pained, but it was kind of like that in the original, so it passes.

I would be interested in watching more of your flashes, because the animation is quite nice.

not bad

Loved that scene, really funny. I'm not really diggin' the voice. I actually think he'd have more emotion to his voice than that. Dude was a bit humorous/psychotic, so I'd imagine him saying "you want cheese on yours?" more like it's just a normal thing. Here he sounds too whispery. I actually think I could do better myself.

If I can get some recording equipment and a microphone, I wouldn't mind auditioning/helping you with a future project of JTHM. Maybe a full fledged series?

Anyway, I think you did really good on this, considering the length, and all. The animation could've been better, but I realize you were just recreating a scene from the comic book.

All in all its not bad, and I appreciate that someone else out there likes/pays homage to JTHM. I'm a big fan. :)




jhonny voice is hot in this vid

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3.55 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2005
10:50 PM EST