fake ghost photo tutorial

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the file size is now greatly reduced to what it used to be, and i have to thank the BBS forums for that, and i know its hard to see the ghost in the end, but hes there
now if you compair this to the actual photographs that supposedly have ghosts in them, you might not get as wierded out, but believe me, there are alot that are either really well done, or real (ill let you decide this)

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You know that's Beethoven not Motzart right?

Pretty good

A little boring, but it's a good tutorial. It has to be imforative over entertaning. *sorry for the bad spelling*

zetim responds:

yea boring, as i believe i said. i made it to calm a friend down who was freaking out cuz of ghost pictures online. and 1 for humor? i dont see that <.<

Not much for enjoyability

rather dull and boring, kinda like taking another class at school when I've already had enough for one day. though it was informative and kinda interesting, it was still lacking in the way of being watchable.

zetim responds:

it wasnt suppost to be omg that was so funny, or omg this is so cool. it was just a little thing for a friend that i did, and also it was kinda a break of my other main/bigger project, called Ziga, i have the teaser, check it out, its NOTHING like this

hmmm, nothing too new or interesting

with technology these days, you can easily make a simple ghost image. geez, it is frightening when you do take a picture and it is there. that is why you have to see the negatives.

zetim responds:

well, if you scan negatives, you can edit those too.....


wasnt the greatest of all tutorials but it was decent, obviously enough to pass. This was very informative, you did a very nice job with the tutorials, I however would like to see more flash done by you, it seems like you have much potential! Best of luck with your flash compositions in the future, and ok job for the ones you have completed most recently!!


zetim responds:

more flash by me? i have another flash... check it out, its NOTHING like this

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Jan 24, 2005
3:37 AM EST
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